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A corporate Short Hog raising money for Charity. There are numerous routes on Mt Triglav to set an excellent challenge and push personal boundaries.

Mt Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak, is regarded as a National Treasure and it is said that every true Slovenian should climb it at least once in their lifetime! Nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps, in the National Park fittingly named after itself, Mt Triglav offers a splendid challenge to those with a head for heights and the determination to reach the summit. Due to flight restrictions we happily have a forced day in-country and have the opportunity to climb either Prisnak (2,547m) or an easier day trekking to the summit of Jerebikovec (1,593m). Descriptions of these last two are on page 4.

The Mt Triglav ascent is best done over two days, the summit day being somewhere between 7 and 9 hours, but within any reasonably fit person’s capability. Of the various routes to the summit we have chosen the approach through the Krma Valley up to the Kredearica Refuge. The summit climb involves 400 metres of easy via ferrata. Although technically not difficult you need to have a good head for heights and be sure footed.

Prisnak lies just to the East of Vrsic Pass and is one of the most spectacular climbs in the Julian Alps. Its east west ridge dominates the skyline when seen from Kranjska Gora with its impressive East Window. There are two Windows and we would pass by the western (larger) one. The climb is not technically difficult but is exposed and requires fitness and sure footedness. Starting at the Vrsic Pass (1,611m) the climb to the summit and back should take about 6 hours. Although exposed in places, these parts are well protected. There are some splendid old gun emplacements at the start of the trek! 9km +/- 940m

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