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Spotty Dog!

Have you ever dreamed of gliding across the Arctic tundra pulled by a team of huskies or skiing up the frozen Zanzkar River through the realm of the Snow Leopard? Have you imagined the sensation of breaking through the cloud-line whilst climbing one of the great peaks of the Himalaya or of treading in the footsteps of WW2 pilots along the escape routes of the Chemin de la Liberté?

Whether it’s free riding motorbikes across the vast expanses of the Gobi desert or exploring the tribal areas of Nagaland, Warthog specialises in Off Grid Adventures to some of the most remote and undiscovered locations in the world. Our ethos may be off grid but there’s little of the world that’s off limits. As for the spotty dog, you’ll just have to join one of our adventures to see what that’s all about.

Moto Hog

Adventure Breaks / Off Grid Moto Tours

Snow Hog

Alpine & Nordic Touring / The Arctic
Our Hogs
John Howie

John founded Warthog in 1989 after a 12 year walkabout that took him through Australia, Africa, Asia and South America. Working in the Bush, on drilling rigs and in various security roles, he followed the Nile south through Egypt and the Sudan and eventually to Madagascar. He explored Central America and the Baja California and having survived a number of civil wars and coup d’etas  in various African and South American countries he settled into the family Cider business in East Sussex where he headed up Export Sales and Marketing for 8 years. The Cider trade and then Warthog were combined with some 30 odd years in the Territorial Army and Army Reserves, where he’s led over 50 Adventurous Training expeditions all over the World.

In addition to a host of military mountaineering qualifications (rock climbing instructor, ice climbing and alpine leader, ski mountaineering instructor; avalanche demolitions at the Swiss Army School of Mountain Warfare),  John is also a BASI Nordic ski Instructor, International Mtn Ldr and has a number of military and civilian wilderness medical first aid qualifications. He is a recreational diver and rides a Triumph Thunderbird in his home mountains of the Pyrenees.

His experience and depth of knowledge of our planet and his love of the wild has lent itself to creating a thriving and very personal Adventure Outfitter operation.

Louise Howie

Louise has been with Warthog from the early days and has run La Fenière Mountain Lodge where so many of our clients have stayed for nigh on 25 years. In addition to ‘La Fen’ Louise keeps the office ticking over when John is away on trips (a lot!) and is integral to research and logistics home and away. For the closer to home trips she is often on back up duties and makes sure all are fed and watered to a high standard. That and juggling children, dogs and 2.5 hectares of garden makes sure that idleness is kept at bay! An essential cog in the day to day Operations of Warthog that keeps us running and delivering a very sound product.


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